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Company Profile

Xinxiang Yuanhang Teaching Equipment Co.,Ltd

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Website:http://www.micro-preparedslides.com/ http://xxyhjy.auto-charge.net/

prepared microscope slides fitted in wooden box

Product Introduction of the prepared microscope slides

Different kinds of slides include normal tissue;human pathological slides; micro-organisms and genetics slides; algae, fungi,mosses and ferns plant slides; botany and zoology slides; animal histology and embryology slides.



Our factory can produce many typesof prepared microscope slides ,there are  complete variety.

About the box sets, we have several types for choose : 25 / 30/ 50 /100 pieces/box there are our most popular BOX sets.


Microscope slids 7101 : 25.4x72.9x1.5-2mm

The label on the slides : 22x22mm on the right (Usually the left slide is blank )


Product Feature And Application of the prepared microscope slides

This is a very nice microscope prepared slide set of various plants, insects and/or animal tissues. The BOX slides set are cover-slipped and preserved in cedar wood oil. They are premium, accurately stained and machine cleaned slides that will give a sharp image. All slides are carefully labeled for easy reference and are arranged in a fine plastic box. This slide set is a rare mix of BOX prepared slides from which students can find a lot of fun. This slide set is excellent for educational use and is perfect for all levels of student study including home school program.




Letter "上” W.M.


Letter "e" W.M.


Yeast-Budding W.M.


Three type of Bacteria Smear

Spincule of Spongia W.M.

Escherichia coli Smear


Staphylococcus aureus Smear

Hydra T.S.

Spirllum Smear

Hydra C.S.

Aspergillus W.M.

Planaria C.S.

Penicillium W.M.

Earthworm C.S.

Rhizopus W.M.

Eggs of Taenia solium  W.M.

Microgonidium W.M.

Taenia Pisiformis Section

Phylum Charophya W.M.

Ascarid Egg W.M.

Chladophora W.M.

Ascaris C.S.

Melosira W.M.

Mosquito-Female W.M.

Bacillariophyta W.M.

Mosquito - Male W.M.

Chlamydomonas W.M.

Mosquito Larva W.M.

Volox W.M.

Nymph T.S.

Nostoc W.M.

Hirudo T.S.

Spirogyia W.M.

Liver fluke Section

Spirogyia Conjugation W.M.

Drosophila - Female W.M.

Lichen Section

Drosophila - Male W.M.

Maroharttis Archegortia L.S.

Drosophila - Larva W.M.

Marchantia Aritheridis  L.S.

Fish Scales W.M.

Polytrichum W.M.

Skin of Fish Sec.

Polytrichum Antheridia L.S.

Fish gill C.S.

Lichen  apothecium sec.

Testis of  Fish T.S.

Nostoc commune  W.M.

Ovary of Fish T.S.

Spore of Equisetum arvense W.M.

Simple-cell of egg of Frog Sec.

Strobile of Equisetum arvense L.S.

Frog Epidermic Cell Section

Cyphella of Marchantia Sec.

House Fly Leg W.M.

Agaricus sec.

Honeybee Worker Leg-Composite W.M.

Laminaria japonica Sec.

Antenna of Grasshopper W.M.

Mitosis - Onion Root Tip L.S.

Antenna of Honeybee W.M.

Zea Root C.S.

Antenna of butterfly W.M.

Young Root of Broad Bean C.S.

Mosquito Mouth Parts W.M.

Young root of Gossypium hirsutum C.S.

Honeybee Mouth Parts W.M.

Young root of Helianthus annuu T.S.

Housefly Mouth Parts W.M.

Vicia Faba Root Tip L.S.

Mosquito Wings W.M.

Zea Root, Tip L.S.

House Fly Wing W.M.

Pine Root C.S.

Butterfly Wings Ocales W.M.

Ranunculus Root C.S.

Dragonfly Wings W.M.

Eminal Bud Stem Tip L.S.

Honeybee Wings W.M.

Stem of Nerium indicum T.S.

Grasshoper Wing W.M.

Fern Stem C.S.

Ant W.M.

Pine Stem L.S.

Aphis W.M.

Cotton Stem C.S.

Silkworm Moth Larva W.M.

Soya Stem C.S.

Human Hair W.M.

Stem of Nymphaea tetragona T.S.

Feather W.M.

Stem of Mentha haplocalyx T.S.

Underfur  of  Bird W.M.

Pine Stem C.S.

Smooth muscle islolated W.M.

Young stem of Ligustrum lucidum T.S.

Smooth Muscle  L.S.&C.S.

Rice Stem C.S.

Skeletal Muscle L.S.&C.S.

Sunflower Stem C.S.

Cardiac Muscle L.S.

Zea Stem C.S.

Human Cell Mucus Membrane Smear

Zea Stem L.S.

Dense Connective Tissue Section

Pumpkin Stem C.S.

Loose Connective Tissue Section

Cucurbita Stem L.S.

Cuboidal Epithelium Section

Tilia Stem C.S.

Ciliated Epithelium Section

Stem-Collenchyma C.S.

Adipose Cell Section

Stem-Parenchyma C.S.

Oesophagus T.S.

Stem-Sclerenchvma C.S.

Stomach Section

Onion Epidermis W.M.

Small Intestine Section

Lower epiderm of leaf of Vicia faba leaf W.M.

Rectum C.S.

Lower epiderm of leaf of Triticum aestivum leaf W.M.

Lung of Rabbit Section

Branched stellate hair of leaf epiderm W.M.

Trachea C.S.

Dandelion Fuzz W.M.

Liver Section

Berry Hair W.M.

Kidney Section

Fibre W.M.

Spleen Section

Corn Starch W.M.

Pancreas Section

Plasmodesmus Sec.

Lymph Node Section

Leaf of Hydrilla verticillata  L.S.

Gall Bladder Section

Leaf of Ligustrum lucidum T.S.

Urinary Bladder Section

Leaf of Mentha Haplocalyx T.S.

Ureter C.S.

Leaf of Winter Jasmine C.S.

Ovary Section

Leaf of Nerium indicum T.S.

Testis Section

Leaf of Nymphaea tetragona T.S.

Spermatozoa Smear

Rhoeo Disolor Leaf W.M.

Uterus Sec.

Cotton Leaf C.S.

Oviduct T.S.

Frond of Marchantia Sec.

Taste Buds Section

Leaf of Zea mays T.S.

Tongue L.S.

Pine Leaf C.S.

Olfactory Membrane Section

Pelargonium, of Leaf C.S.

Hard Bone T.S.

Funaria leaf

Hyaline Cartilage Section

Leaf of Ficus carica T.S.

Elastic cartilage sec.

Pine Cone-Female L.S.

Human Blood Smear

Pine Young Staminate, Cone L.S.

Frog Blood Smear

Cucurbita W.M.

Fish Blood Smear

Vegetable Pollen W.M.

Blood of Galus domesticus Smear

Pea Pollen W.M.

Motor Nerve W.M.

Pollen of Brassica campestris var.oleifera W.M.

Spinal Cord C.S.

Pine Pollen W.M.

Nerves trunk L.S.

Pollen Gem W.M.

Artery and Vein C.S.

Flower of Capsella bursa-pastoris W.M.

Arteriole C.S.

Flower bud of Lilium brownii var.viridulum T.S.

Venae Cavac C.S.

Lillium Ovary C.S.

Skin of Human(show hair follicle) Sec.

Lillium Anther C.S.

Human Skin Sweat Gland Section

Fruit of Ficus carica T.S.

Tail C.S.

Tomato Flesh W.M.

Mitosis of animal Sec.

Pome Sclereid W.M.

Meiosis of Grasshopper Sec.

Zea Seed L.S.

Chromosome of human W.M.

Packing & Delivery

Packing : The slides can be put in the wooden box

Wooden box : 25 / 30 / 50 / 100  pieces

Carton will be according your quantity.

Delivery : FOB to shanghai / Shenzhen in China. We also can send the goods by express/ air

Company & Lab

English Name :Xinxiang Yuan hang Teaching Equipment Co , Ltd.

Alibaba Name :  Xinxiang City Voyage Teaching Equipment Co, Ltd

CEO : Yongchao Ma

Tel:  ( + 86 ) 0373-5796859

WhatsApp: +86 18625951525 Yongchao Ma

                   +86 18224550344 Liang Yu

Website :xxyuanhang.en.alibaba.com  




Microscope Slice Lab Office

Our company have their own independent factory and advanced laboratory, independent perfect packaging and fast mode of transportation. Welcome customers to visit and custom products all over the world.